The Can You Take The Heat??? Mixtape

Welcome to the new and improved C’est Non Un Blog! Amazingly, after ten long years of blogging (semi-) non-stop C’est Non Un Blog is still going strong and with this new site on WordPress C’est Non Un Blog is now new and improved and shiny as shit. Who’da thunk it? To celebrate the introduction of the new site I’ve put together not one, but TWO new mixtapes for you to enjoy this summer. Mixtape number one, Can You Take The Heat???, is right here for you to download and mixtape number two, “The Runner-Ups”, will be out a week from now, so what are you waiting for? Get downloading!

What’s the inspiration for the new mixtape? Well, I found the picture you see above and cropped it to make it square for an album cover. The tagline Can You Take The Heat??? was left in the picture after cropping it and it’s hot as shit outside right now, so Boom! Mixtape inspiration. Not everything is rocket science, people. Hopefully “Can You Take the Heat???” also applies to how hot the tracks on this mixtape are and how smokin’ hot the new website looks, but if nothing else I’m happy enough with how stunning that photo looks.

Instead of taking too much about the mixtape I thought I’d fill you in on what to expect from the new C’est Non Un Blog. As Daft Punk repeats over and over in “Doin’ It Right” featuring Panda Bear, (included on this mixtape) “If I’m doin’ it right everybody will be dancing.” The “Can You Take The Heat???” mixtape contains 35 tracks of pure pop bliss that make me super happy, so what else do you really need to know? You’ve downloaded these mixtapes before, you know what to expect. Go. Download. Enjoy.

First off, you can read my tearful heartfelt goodbye to LiveJournal here, if you haven’t seen it already. So what’s new with the new site? For starters I’ve now got my own web domain, That’s it. That’s all you have to remember to find the site. And if you want to Like or Share this post it’s now super easy to do so. Want to find a specific post from the past? Just use the Search bar. Only want to see a specific type of post? Click on a specific Category and narrow down what it is that you see. And if haven’t already done so you can now Like our Facebook page just by clicking on the link over there >>>

I’m also planning on adding a little more variety to C’est Non Un Blog by adding two new semi-regular columns to the usual grind of music videos and mixtapes. The first, Diamonds In The Rough, will highlight something new that I’ve experience that you maybe haven’t heard about yet and I think you should know about; and the second, Influential Media, will focus on the pop culture from my past that’s made a huge impact on me and has greatly influenced what it is that I like now. Both columns will get more in depth on a single subject than my average post and cover a much wider range of topics. That’s right, while I’ll still write about music in these columns I’m going to broaden their scope to include movies, TV, comics, video games, books and pretty much anything else that’s made an impact on me. Hopefully this will satisfy the people who miss the movie reviews and want me to add more of myself into my posts.

I hope you enjoyed the latest mixtape. I’ll keep making them as long as you keep downloading them, so if you’ve been enjoying them spread the love and maybe I’ll figure out a way to make the days longer so I can put more of them out faster. Hopefully putting two out in two weeks will be enough to keep you busy for a while. Also, if you’ve got any input to share about the new website let me know. I still consider this a work in progress, so if you can think of anything you’d like to see or anything that would make it better let me know and I’ll get right on it. I’m still a rookie when it comes to HTML and blog creation so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. And finally, thanks again for ten great years of blogging!

  1. Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko
  2. Postiljonen – Supreme (Niva Remix)
  3. Catching Flies – Life Size Ghosts
  4. The Hood Internet – Future x Van She x Robotaki | Turn On The Happiness
  5. ODESZA – If You Don’t (feat. Cumulus)
  6. 2Sugars – Vital
  7. Classixx – Dominos
  8. Daft Punk – Doin’ It Right (feat. Panda Bear)
  9. Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me (feat. Mereki Beach (The Knocks Remix))
  10. Rhye – Open (Bondax Remix)
  11. Ryan Hemsworth – Perfectly
  12. Robots With Rayguns – Selena
  13. Joey Pecoraro – You Changed
  14. FutureCop! – Superheroes (PONY PONY RUN RUN REMIX)
  15. TV Girl – Melanie
  16. Teen Daze – Simpler Times
  17. Bobby Tank – Glass Moon
  18. Cassius/Outkast – Feeling for Rosa (1999) (Flight Facilities remix)
  19. Jaaska – Papaya Lip Gloss
  20. Kisses – Midnight Lover (Clancy Remix)
  21. Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)
  22. Bondax – Gold (Wolf Cub’s Muscle Mix)
  23. Braider – Milk
  24. Blackstreet – No Diggity (Bondax edit)
  25. Lindsay Lowend – Mmmmm
  26. S.Maharba – For Someone (Abandonment)
  27. Bent – World Of Blud
  28. Tennis – Petition (Vacationer Remix) (w/ Vacationer)
  29. Butcher Blades/ – The Mystery of Mulungu Cove
  30. Vanilla – Tomorrow
  31. Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone
  32. A Lull – Some Love (Brothertiger Remix)
  33. Bonobo – Heaven For The Sinner (feat. Erykah Badu)
  34. Buhay – Hallelujah
  35. Cosmo’s Midnight – Phantasm (feat. Nicole Millar)

If the above links don’t work you can also download the mixtape here.

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