Still Corners – Fireflies / Berlin Lovers


London based synthpop duo* Still Corners is an unsung personal favorite of mine.  All of their albums so far have been close to perfect in my mind.  Matter of fact when I was first watching this video I was convinced that I had put “Fireflies” on my last mixtape, but apparently it got cut at the last minute in favor of “Going Back To Strange”. That’s a cryin’ shame because as you can hear from this newly released video, “Fireflies” is a pretty darn awesome song.  Filled with layered vocals, cymbal washes and a sparse, gently flowing melody, “Fireflies” is the perfect song to play right now while we’ve still got a little Indian summer left.


While prepping this post I rediscovered the video for “Berlin Lovers”, a song I was too lazy to post when it was originally released earlier this year.  It features the same pretty vocals from Tessa Murray that you’ll find in all of Still Corners’ songs, but this one goes much heavier on the retro-sounding analog synths than a lot of their other songs.  The video has a decidedly retro vibe as well, featuring two teenagers flirting for the first time in a roller rink.  You remember roller skating?  Man, I miss that.

Both of these songs can be found on Still Corners’ new album, ‘Strange Pleasures’, out now on Sub Pop Records.  If you’re not already listening to Still Corners, well, you really should be.


[*Correction: I know in a previous post I called Still Corners a “five piece” but apparently it really is a duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist/producer Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray. The other members (wikipedia lists four total members) are only part of the live band.] 


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