Theme Park – A Mountain We Love / Wax

Put London’s Theme Park down on your list of buzz bands you should keep an eye on, because their first single, “A Mountain We Love” and its b-side, “Wax” are extremely addictive guitar dream pop. They’re getting a lot of buzz in the blogosphere right now, which is a good thing, because their band name is not exactly Google-friendly. Seriously, try it. I liked them on Facebook and I still can’t find them by typing Theme Park into the Facebook search engine. They should pop up as like the first suggestion, am I right?

Anyway, Theme Park have been getting a lot of Talking Heads comparisons, which I guess I can see, although their style to me sounds a lot more like that of a band straight off of the Labrador label. They created two promo videos for their debut single, the first of which you can see below. They both use found footage exclusively to create the video, and “A Mountain We Love” has the more abstract meaning of the two. I’m not exactly sure what the video is trying to say, but I’m having a lot of fun trying to figure it out.

Of the two videos “Wax” is a lot easier to follow (it consists entirely of iconic cinema kisses) but as a piece of music I actually like this b-side a lot better than the lead off single. It’s one of those love songs that’s sure to be an instant classic to hipsters everywhere. Definitely check this one out:

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