The Weeknd – The Birds (Part 1) / Glass Table Girls

I’ve already posted a few songs by The Weeknd here, but “The Birds (Part 1)” is now my new favorite. Their brand of R&B is really sexy and soulful and while this song has all that in spades, it doesn’t sounds all dark and ominous like how some of their other songs can. “The Birds (Part 1)” can be found on their brand new mixtape, ‘Thursday.’

“Glass Table Girls,” is from their previous mixtape, ‘House Of Balloons’ and it has actually inspired quite a few fan videos. I’ve found one that uses footage from Soul Train and another one that uses scenes from The Girlfriend Experience, but so far my favorite one by far is the one I embedded below, which uses the coke-orgy-gone-wrong scene from Robocop with some really effective juttery edits. What’s really cool about that stutter effect, aside from it going perfectly with the song, is that it gives quite a few of those sections a 3-D look and feel. It’s trippy how they almost look like they are popping right off of your computer screen without any need for a pair of stupid 3-D glasses.

Make sure you pick up that ‘House Of Balloons’ mixtape because it has a lot of good stuff on it, including the title track, which is actually combined with “Glass Table Girls” in the song list to make one track. “House Of Balloons” uses a killer Siouxsie and the Banshees sample from “Happy House” that’s worth hearing. You can download both mixtapes for free off of The Weeknd’s website.

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