Girls’ Generation – Oh! / Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

OK, so because I have OCD I had to find out what Girls’ Generation has been up to since ‘Gee’. What can I say? The internet is a seductive mistress. Have Girls’ Generation put out anything as addictive as ‘Gee’ since that song came out in 2009? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. They came close with ‘Oh!’, the single to come out after ‘Gee’. This was the title track off of their first album and still retained a lot of their girly energy. It still wasn’t as good as ‘Gee’ but if you like K-Pop it’s a pretty fun song.

Unfortunately it seems that after that first album the girls tried to go in a more grown up direction, and as a result started to sound like every other pop artist you’ve heard on the radio recently. Substitute the Korean for English and you could have a Britney Spears song (and not one from her surprisingly good last album either). ‘RunDevilRun’ actually samples a Ke$ha song, to give you a good idea of the direction they’ve gone in. Unfortunately most of it is pretty blandsville and not worth talking about. The only video I could find that I found kind of interesting was ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’, mainly because it sounds like a Kylie song, and ya’ll know how much I love Kylie.

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