Girls’ Generation – Gee (parody)

You might remember way back when I posted the video for Girls’ Generation’s wildly addictive K-Pop song “Gee”. Well now a Japanese group calling themselves Shōwa Generation have mocked the video by playing up the fact that “Girls Generation” in Japanese is shojo-jidai, which they’ve changed to showa-jidai – meaning the “Shōwa Generation” (the Shōwa period took place in Japan between 1926 to 1989). They also did a play on the song title “Gee,” by changing it to the Chinese character for an elderly man (爺), which is also read the same (“ji”). So basically, we’ve got a bunch of old Japanese men doing the dance moves to the original video, and it’s pretty hilarious. The only thing that would have made this better is if they actually recreated the whole video instead of just the dance sequences. There are lots of close up insert shots of the individual girls acting cute that would have been hilarious if they were recreated by these old guys.

[8/5/13 This link is dead and I can’t find a replacement 😦 ]

And the original for reference:

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