Bon Ivar – Calgary

When Bon Ivar put out his first album I kind of just let it pass me by, because I’m not really into slow, sad music. If you haven’t already figured it out, I like my music with a little more pep in its step. And I almost let his new album pass me by too, but after resisting the urge to close the window I was using to watch this video on YouTube after its slow start, I found myself enjoying what this song was building into. “Calgary” layers a slow synth line at the beginning of the song with a propulsive drum beat and energetic guitars while still retaining that calming, quiet quality. It’s a really pretty song. Reminds me a bit of what Arcade Fire might sound like as an 80’s band.

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1 Response to Bon Ivar – Calgary

  1. This couldn’t hold my attention, apparently. I am also a bigger fan of music with a pep in its step.

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