Azari & III – Hungry For The Power / Into The Night

Speaking of new club songs with retro club beats, Azari & III’s “Hungry For The Power” has a great late 80’s/early 90’s acid house sound to it, with a little 90’s R&B thrown in for good measure. They actually made two videos for this song and I was going to post them both, but unfortunately the first one, which was shot like a early 90’s black and white hip-hop video, was made private on YouTube quickly after it came online. Sadly we can no longer compare and contrast them, but at least the second video (which I guess now is the official video) is still pretty cool (and a little NSFW).

Azari & III – Hungry for the power from satelite on Vimeo.

Since I couldn’t find that other version of the “Hungry for the Power” video, I figured why not just give you some classic “Into the Night” action? I know, I know…totally worth it. As one person commented on, it’s a “classic from the future”. Enjoy.

[EDIT: Son of a bitch. I waited a week for someone to re-up that first video of “Hungry For The Power” before I finally got sick of waiting and just wrote my post. This morning I opened my inbox only to see an email from YouTube saying the video is back on YouTube. WTF?]

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2 Responses to Azari & III – Hungry For The Power / Into The Night

  1. I know they’re trying to say something with this video, but all I can think about it how I miss living in a city where people fucking WALK GOD DAMN IT.
    Good tune.

  2. And that got much darker than I was anticipating! (firstvid)

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