Bad Lip Reading – Gang Fight (IT’S FRIDAY!)

It’s Friday everybody (YEAH!) and because we we we so excited, it’s time for more Rebecca Black videos. First up is a video by Bad Lip Reading, who basically took Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video without the sound and by lip reading the video tried to make their own song to what they imagined she was saying. Not only are the new lyrics hilarious, but surprisingly the song is also SUPER catchy. Even if you’re trying to stay away from hearing “Friday” one more time (or at all) you should still check this video out:

Next up is a PSA, warning 13 year olds about what happens when they take the parents car out on Friday to have some Fun Fun Fun Fun.

And finally, Hitler lets us all know what he thinks of the Rebecca Black phenomena.

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2 Responses to Bad Lip Reading – Gang Fight (IT’S FRIDAY!)

  1. sceneasfuck says:

    that bad lip reading video is ace. the chicken part had me loling… wtf?

  2. All of these are funny (the PSA’s a little disturbing), but the Hitler video is like the funniest thing I have seen for a while. I’ve never been so glad I don’t know German, cause that would have just ruined it.

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