Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon – Friday

I have to admit, I am a tad bit obsessed with Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. As of my last count I have 12 different remixes of “Friday” in my iTunes that I’ve found scattered across the internet, from a slowed-down version, to your club remix, to a Bollywood version, to quite a few dubstep versions. Yes, I may have a problem, but I don’t get people who say they’ve only watched this video once and then went on with the rest of their lives. Really? Really???

Anyway, on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert came on to sing “Friday” to make up for saying that Jimmy would donate $26,000 to without Jimmy knowing he did so. What followed was probably my favorite remix of them all. LOVE the slow intro, love the excessive auto-tuning, love the harmonica. Check it out:

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2 Responses to Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon – Friday

  1. jeremytblack says:

    Not to freak you out too much, but I have not heard this song yet once. I’m enjoying it as much as I did Seinfeld, which I didn’t watch at all during it’s run until the finale (when I was invited to a party to watch it). I enjoyed listening to everyone talk about the show so much that I wound up completely avoiding the show. Every Friday morning in the elevator at work, all over the place, people would repeat their favorite bits about that show.

    Now I feel the same way. I read about all these people doing the song, see that Funny Or Die devoted yesterday to her, etc., It’s like all those blind men feeling the elephant in bits and parts and trying to describe the whole they’ve never seen. You, and Justin Bieber, and Funny or Die, and Stephen Colbert, are my hands in this analogy, and I am both the Walrus and the blind man, I think.

    One of these days I will go back and watch her original video, or accidentally hear the song. Then I’ll go check out some of these. For now I’m enjoying everyone’s reactions too much.

    • Friday has become a bit of a running gag between me and my friends. Every Friday since the song came out we’ve been spamming each other with anything Rebecca Black related. It’s funny, because in three short weeks it’s almost become an institution.

      What’s really shocking is not that you never watch Seinfeld, but that you’ve only watched the last episode, which is arguably one of the worst episodes of Seinfeld they ever made.

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