Florrie – Give Me Your Love

Florrie is an up-and-coming pop princess who is kind of unique in that she actually started out as a session drummer for other artists before getting into singing her own songs (you can see her banging away at said drums in this video). She’s super cute, very talented and has worked with lots of great producers, like friend and frequent collaborator Fred Falke.

So far she’s put out almost two dozen of her songs for free to download on her website, including her first EP, which includes the song ‘Give Me Your Love’ (if you’re feeling guilty you can also pre-order it from iTunes there too). I’m a big fan (I put an Elite Gymnastics remix of her song ‘Come Back To Mine’ on my last mixtape and a Def Starr remix of ‘Panic Attack’ on the one before that) and I hope she’s actually going places.

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