Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk – Intergalatic Robot Rock (TXL RAF rework)

Thriftshop XL reworked this mash-up by iPunx into probably the best music video mash-up I’ve ever seen. Not only do the Beastie’s lyrics fit over the Daft Punk beat perfectly, but the vocodered chorus, giant monster fighting robot and general editing of the original ‘Intergalactic’ video match perfectly with Daft Punk’s overall robot-y-ness.

(Note: The video has a rather long intro, so if you’re someone prone to skipping over things in fits of boredom, the actual song starts around the 1:40 mark.)

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2 Responses to Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk – Intergalatic Robot Rock (TXL RAF rework)

  1. I haven’t yet had a chance to check all this shit out, but I’m really glad you’re posting music again!
    I feel like it’s been a bit.

    • According to livejournal it’s been about a month. I’ve been in a bit of a funk as of late and my interests drifted off in different directions, but I’m back now and have decided to try to keep at least a semi-regular schedule of writing about music. It’s good for me to shake out some of the cobwebs and try and keep my mind fresh.

      Maybe I just got caught up in trying to make my next mixtape. Whether I released too many too fast for some people or the music I was picking out just wasn’t for everyone who tried it, for some reason the last mixtape I did just wasn’t downloaded as much as the first two, so I decided to hold back a while on releasing the next one.

      Since then I’ve really wanted to put out something really good, so I’ve been tinkering with the tracklisting on this new one I’m working on more than I did with the last three combined, adjusting the order of the songs and putting in and taking out others to make something I feel is really listenable. I dunno. I think I’m getting to the end of playing with it, so we’ll probably see soon how I did.

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