Robyn – Hyperballad

Robyn is really hot right now and Björk is, well, Björk, probably one of my top five favorite artists of all time. So it was a real pleasure to see Robyn cover one of my favorite Björk songs, “Hyperballad”, for the 2010 Polar Music Prize ceremony in which Björk was honored. It’s a pretty faithful cover, with just enough Robyn thrown in to make it unique. It’s a really great performance:

You can get the MP3 of this performance on Stereogum, as well as a 12 track Post tribute Stereogum put together, including covers by artists such as El Guincho, No Age, Xiu Xiu, Liars and the Dirty Projectors, among others.

And as an added bonus, here is a really sweet cover of “Human Behavior” by Wildbirds & Peacedrums at the same Polar Music Prize ceremony:

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4 Responses to Robyn – Hyperballad

  1. I really wish I had the Bjork love everyone else seems to have, but I just don’t! She has some songs that I really love, but that’s about it.

    • When I first bought the albums that were out when I was in college, I was probably the same way. Some songs I loved, others were eh. I wasn’t huge into Bjork until later, when I got my iPod. I always listen to it on shuffle, and I realized one day that while I’m notorious for skipping songs when I’m bored on a long drive, I never seemed to ever skip a Bjork song. Listening to them while intermingled with your other music helps you realize how unique and beautiful her songs really are. Watching her music videos helped quite a bit too, because they’re almost all brilliant. Michel Gondry and Bjork were made for each other.

      Did you watch the videos? They’re some pretty great covers.

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