Video Assault!

iamamiwhoami is an internet mystery. It feels like a dozen videos have come out from this band/artist (?) over the course of 2010, but still no one knows much about her/them. At first it was rumored that this was a viral marketing campaign for Christina Aguilera’s new album because it leaked that she was working with a lot of big electronic producers, but then we finally got to hear said album and it sucked, so that theory went in the crapper. Apparently they are just some crazy Europeans. I don’t know much more than that, other than I want an album to download/buy, but what I do know is this video for ‘t’ is definitely the best video to come out so far, so I thought I’d share it:

Cee-Lo Green, who has one of the best voices in pop music today, covered Band of Horses’ ‘No One’s Gonna Love You,’ which was then remixed by Paul Epworth, finally giving us the song you’ll hear below. Good video, little depressing at the end, but good. The song is great though. You can imagine this playing and hundreds of Senior proms throughout the country. I’m still trying to track down the mp3. Be careful though: Definitely NSFW.

If you’ve been following my musical tastes lately then you know I’m a big fan of LA outfit, We Are The World. They’re weird, they put on amazing shows and even cooler songs. They finally got around to making an official video for their best song, Fight Song, which you can see/hear below:

Now I’ve got something really different for you. Today I discovered Shangaan Electro. Don’t ask me how. My curiosity knows no bounds. Like Kwaito, Shangaan is a new South African urban music style, which essentially sounds like what would happen if you took some traditional African music, sped up the music but not the vocals to 180 bpm Alvin and the Chipmunks levels, and then transferred what you had to a midi device. The best part has to be the dancing. You have to watch this video just to see people moving around like little windup toys. It’s hilarious.

[Video Bonus: If your co-worker is being especially annoying try turning this video up as loud as it will go on your computer and then intermittently turn on the YouTube Vuvuzela button. Do this, say, fifty times throughout the day. Your co-workers will hate you forever.]

Finally, a video from France’s electro pop outfit, Anoraak. Above Your Head is a pretty, pretty song with a semi-interesting video created from panoramic photography. Yes, the video is suppose to look that size. Blow it up full screen to get the full effect.

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