Delorean – Simple Graces

One of the greatest things to have come out of the internet revolution is the ability for anyone anywhere with some free time and little creativity to put their vision out there for everyone to see. For the first time in human history, any person with a computer can experiment with new media and almost instantly have a huge audience available to them. Andy Worhol has never been more accurate with his 15 minutes of fame quote. Of course as we also all know, 99.9% of what people put out there is crap, but that .1% is more than enough to make a real difference.

What is all of this leading up to? Fan vids! Since most fan vids usually use copyrighted media they can’t be shown for commercial use, but that almost doesn’t even matter in this age of YouTube. A lot of times they are even better than the officially produced music videos, like this video for Delorean’s Simple Graces.

Someone found some cheesy early 90’s footage of what looks like a latin pool party concert for a local TV station and edited it to match up with this song. Oddly enough it seems to fit the music perfectly, so much so that someone, ironically named Farsighted27, actually commented on YouTube: “They look much different than they did in my mind,” even though it obviously says that this is an unofficial music video.

Delorean is one of my favorite new discoveries of 2010, so I hope you get as much of a kick out of this video as I did.

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