WTFW (What the F@#k Wednesday)

Alrighty, here’s two videos I had to share that seem to defy explanation. And we like them that way.

What happens when bodybuilders get into a turf war with trannies and it’s broken up by gangbangers with magic blue pixie dust? Well, you’ll just have to watch the new video to Foals’ Miami to find out.

If that wasn’t weird enough for you, watch as a boy with a beard finally fulfills one of his childhood dreams in Miike Snow’s The Rabbit.

I’m now convinced that Jesus is coming back to get his hands on a 2 Live Crew album. Anyone else have a better interpretation of this video???

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2 Responses to WTFW (What the F@#k Wednesday)

  1. My brain hurts. It might be to early for me to of watched these. But wow.

    The first one, I was like WTF because the body builders look similar to the trannies. And the blue dust? No clue. Figured it was cue stick chalk.

    The second one, the kid must be a guru or second coming, and Two Live Crew gives him strength. ? IDK. I just know that my head is swimming. lol

    I do like the music.

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