Robyn – Dancing On My Own

First Beyoncé , now Robyn? Who is this guy that’s turning down all of our pop divas? Can’t a diva get a lil’ love?

There’s something really powerful about this song. Basically Robyn’s just gone through a bad breakup and then hears that her guy is already with another girl. So she goes to the club to see if what she’s heard is really true, that he could actually like someone more than her. That doesn’t even seem to matter to her though. She just wants him to come back to her.

Of course he doesn’t, but she keeps her head held high anyways. I love this lyric:

I’m right over here / Why can’t you see me? / I’m giving it my all but I’m not the girl you’re taking home / I keep dancing on my own.

It’s a really sad song but its propulsive beat gets under you skin and makes you want to dance proudly with her. I can see a lot of lonely clubgoers getting their groove on to this song, with a single tear running down their cheek.

Dancing On My Own is the first single off of Body Talk Pt. 1, the first of three (!) new albums coming from Robyn this year. Body Talk Pt. 1 comes out June 15th. I’ve already gotten my grubby little hands on the mp3’s and I can tell you that it’s pretty sweet.

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