Burns – So Many Nights EP

I love Burns.

In case you forgot that fact, you can see my love here, here and here. Oh, and here. And after all those posts and all of that great music, Burns just keeps putting out killer EPs (So Many Nights is the fourth) with killer videos. Like I said before, I’ll stop posting these videos when they stop being awesome.

So Many Nights is unique in that so far it’s the first video that I’m aware of that doesn’t use footage from a famous movie in it. Instead we’re treated to a Burns US Tour diary, complete with Burns locked out of his own show, trying to explain who he is to the doorman so he can get in.  This track has a really nice sexy funk groove that wouldn’t feel out of place in a swamp bar out of True Blood.

Burns – So Many Nights

If you miss the movie videos though, I’ve got another bonus treat in the fourth song off of the fourth EP, Fourteen. This song is a little more chill and mind bendy than his other ones, and because of that it gets the 2001: A Space Odyssey treatment.  It’ll make sense by the end, trust me.

Burns – Fourteen

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