A Public Service Announcement

Things aren’t always fun and games here at C’est Non Un Blog. No Sir. Sometimes we have to get a little serious for a moment. You know, for the children and whatnot.

I know ya’ll are probably rolling your eyes right now, wanting a fun music video to watch instead of something educational, but this is important! What if you saw someone who stopped breathing? What would you do? This video could help you save someone’s life!

…or get laid….

Either way, it’s a win-win.

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

The More You Know. Duhn dun Dun DUHN! And knowing’s half the battle. G I JOE!

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4 Responses to A Public Service Announcement

  1. I’m going to guess from the still that I shouldn’t watch this at work, but I really want to!!!!!!!

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