Summer Side Projects

It’s getting close to summertime and that can only mean one thing…Side Projects!

Wait, summertime doesn’t mean side projects? Well, you’re going to get some anyway, so get ready, ’cause they’re coming.

Now who doesn’t love Bloc Party? People who don’t like to have fun, that’s who! I mean, seriously, party is right there in the name. They’ve got that addictive dance punk beat going for them and an amazing vocalist by the name of Kele Okereke, who just so happens to be releasing a solo album this summer. Kele ditches the punk and ups the dance quotient with some crazy, glitchy techno beats in his new single, Tenderoni.

(This also seems to be the same direction Kelis went with her new album (not a side project!), which I’ve listened to already and totally recommend you pick up when it comes out.)

I’ve also got news of a side project from another one of my all-time favorite artists, Trent Reznor, otherwise known as the man behind Nine Inch Nails. This time he’s working under the name How To Destroy Angels with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig on vocals. The song’s called The Space In Between and the EP is out this summer.

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8 Responses to Summer Side Projects

  1. Not two seconds ago was I saying “I’ve got to check out that How To Destroy Angels.”

    Going to have to get that. Thank goodness for your LJ, so I don’t have to write stuff down to remember. haha.

    • I need my blog just to remember what I want to buy when it’s actually available to buy. Seriously, who the hell is going to still remember How To Destroy Angels in July? It sounds like some nu-metal band or something.

  2. Without the video, I’d say that HTDA song is boring. I also thought I read someone said it was going to be ‘very different’ from Nine Inch Nails? I don’t agree with that, at least not from this song.
    Though, again, a little more boring.

    Definitely still excited to listen to some other tracks though.

    • I have to agree that so far I’m not all that impressed with How to Destroy Angels. It’s OK, but it sounds like the more generic NIN stuff we’ve been getting from him the last few years. What ever happened to all the bee buzzing, metal screeching, glockenspiel stuff, Trent? I miss that NIN.

      • ianthes says:

        I agree. It’s boring. Disappointing. I love NIN and Trent…too bad.

      • You know what this sounds like? If NIN and Sissy joined forces and made a track. Which is kind of cool, but I’d rather have a new NIN and Sissy album. The good news is that Sissy finished recording a new album a little while ago and now we’re just waiting for them to start releasing some of it. Can’t wait.

  3. ianthes says:

    Thanks for posting all the music. I’m always on the look out for something new.

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