Whoo Hoo!

Gas is under $3 a gallon!

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10 Responses to Whoo Hoo!

  1. jeremytblack says:

    Where? I’ll drive there. Where?

  2. Psh, it’s been like $2.69 for a week here in Etown.

    • Well, la-de-da! I happen to live in the city, not near those wonderful NJ refineries. Also, I think Seattle is running some sort of scam where it taxes your gas but won’t build a decent public transit system so you don’t have to spend money on gas. Those bastards!

    • …for $2 a gallon????

      • I wish, but my doubts are in full gear. I wonder if, after the election, things will change back to where the prices are higher again. Just like the last election.

      • I read an article in the newspaper explaining the falling prices, in that Wall Street was playing the oil market just like they were sub-prime mortgages–in that they expected the market to go up forever and no one thought demand would go down because it got too expensive. I’m sorry, but does one really need a Yale or Harvard degree to figure out that the market is cyclical? I swear to god, how could people be so stupid/greedy???

      • Funny, I just watched the CBS news on OPEC, talking about how they just cut production of oil. I swear, they almost made me feel sad for the oil CEO people. Almost.

        And people are stupid, on the whole.

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