The Greatest Show On Earth

Last night felt like one of the greatest nights of my life.

I’ve been going to a bunch of concerts since moving to Seattle. Some were pretty good, some so-so. There were some where I actually didn’t have that great a time. Can’t win them all, right?

Last night was one of those concerts that I wasn’t particularly excited to go see. In fact I almost didn’t go. Kevin and John said they were going though and as I prefer to see a concert with someone I went along too. That was a good decision.

If you get a chance to see The Presets and Cut Copy in concert, don’t miss it. I’ve never had so much fun at a show before. It was the right night, I was in the right mood, it was the right venue and I had just the right amount of buzz going into the show.

I had been listening to the Presets for several years now, but they were never one of my favorite bands. Cut Copy was pretty new to me, and although I liked what I heard, I didn’t really listen to them a lot (mainly because of all of the damn music I go through on a weekly basis).

It’s hard to explain the atmosphere, the vibe of the show. It felt like everyone at the Market was in sync. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever felt to a collective consciousness, a group of many being one all at once. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. It was a dance party. It was everything I’ve ever wanted from electronic music ever since I discovered it.

I loved how foreign and familiar it all felt at the same time. You get that when you listen to Australians play New Wave music. This was kind of what my dreams are like. And you can’t tell me that anyone at the show didn’t have a great time.

If you haven’t already picked it up, buy Cut Copy’s new CD. You won’t regret it. I haven’t stopped listening to it since last night.

The Presets were so good I didn’t think there was any way for Cut Copy to compete. Already at that point I thought that I was at the best show I’d ever been to. But then Cut Copy, god bless them, came out on stage and started playing. They would start off with these slow build ups and then suddenly BAM you were in the song. Everyone went nuts. Such a positive experience. I don’t even know how to express it in words, I’m just rambling…

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