Random Thoughts

As I was driving home this just popped into my head: “Do you think the U-Haul truck factory is constantly picking up and moving to new towns?”

As I finished watched season one of Dexter these thoughts ran though my mind:

Damn, this is a good show.

Do you think CBS will run season two as well soon? I know I could just buy it or Netflix it, but I kind of like watching it weekly in HD. Feels like I’m watching the real thing.

Dexter is a mature, pay-cable show from Showtime on CBS, and yet all they edit out of the broadcast is the language. What does it say about our society that it is ok to show bloodbaths and severed limbs, but you can’t say shit or fuck?

Related topic: Why do I get more embarrassed discussing having sex with a hooker in Grand Theft Auto 4 than I do the act of killing her to get my money back?

Related related topic: Why do I talk about such things in the first place?

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure they have to edit Dexter down for time, too. Maybe the show only runs 43 minutes on cable, but it seems unlikely. All the HBO shows are 50 minutes-plus.

    • I think that the commerical breaks are actually a lot shorter for Dexter. I often find myself having to hit play almost immediately after fast-forwarding through my DVR because there were only one or two commercials during the break.

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