Movie Note

To those who are going to see Iron Man: First, it’s pretty darn good. And second, you should stay through the credits. Especially if you are a comic nerd.

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3 Responses to Movie Note

  1. Really? It’s good? Was it true to form?

    I thought the choice with Robert might be sketchy, but then I thought, why not? He’s a great actor for that role.

    So tell me about it more. 🙂

    • This was one of those few superhero event movies where everything pretty much worked. There was obvious care taken not just to make Iron Man look flashy (which he does. He looks so damn cool) but also to make you care about his character as a real living, breathing person. And it is one of the even fewer films out there that spends just as much thought and care on its supporting cast. It’s funny, you take the guy in the metal suit out of the movie and you still have a pretty good drama on your hands. Heck, this movie also has the most human robots in film since R2-D2 and C3PO.

      Robert Downey Jr is the perfect actor for Tony Stark. Basically because he is Tony Stark, just without the super genius thing going on. This movie is the perfect vehicle for him to get his star back (for all of those people who haven’t seen Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang).

      What I think is best about this movie is what is usually the achiles heel of superhero movies, the transformation to hero. This movie has a really long, long transformation. But it is fun and funny and works. I can’t wait for the sequel. To which they hint at heavily. In more ways than one (hint, hint, wink wink…stay through the credits).

      • Oh, I can’t wait!!!

        I need to see it in the theatre, but we never seem to make it there.

        Kiss Kiss is one that I honestly don’t remember hearing about…I have to check that out, too.

        Thanks so much for the info on the movie. I trust your opinions, seriously.

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