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So the Superbowl was fantastic this year. It all came down to the final seconds, and you have to give it to the Patriots: Whenever they are in the Superbowl it always turns out to be a great game (even if they lose).

Watching my first Superbowl in HD the thing I noticed the most was how much better the Halftime show was. I’m used to years of watching a small grainy picture with mediocre to just plain horrible sound. Suddenly I’m right there at the stadium, with crystal clear 5.1 sound, and Tom Petty’s performance was so dead on to his studio recordings that I questioned whether or not the concert was pre-recorded. I don’t think it was, which says a lot about how cool watching it in HD is. Finally you get to really see what the hell the fuss is about.

In other news, my latest obsession is music blogs. Since moving to Seattle my greatest obsession switched from movies to music and my collection has grown exponentially. To prove my point, I just bought a 160GB iPod because I didn’t have enough space anymore on my 80GB. Someone at work mentioned that they always wondered what kind of crazy person needs a 160GB iPod. You’re looking at that crazy person.

Anyway, a friend linked me to a music blog, which was a big mistake because I then proceeded to basically download everything that wasn’t nailed down. I can’t get enough new music. I want to know what’s cool and new eons before anyone else. Sometimes I think I don’t even know what I know.

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  1. ianthes says:


    So, what are some recommendations? I need something uplifting, fun and that’s good to workout at the gym with.

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