Zombie Lincoln in 2008

[Co-worker]: So Ben, are you a Democrat or a Republican?

[Me]: (After a thought-out pause) I’m a reluctant Democrat.

[CW]: Ha, I like that.

[ME]: Yeah, I’d be a full blown Democrat if they weren’t all such idiots right now.


[ME]: (Continuing) I guess the only way in hell that I would ever call myself a Republican would be if they somehow brought Lincoln back.

[CW]: (Mimicing a zombie) Mwah…Four score and seven years ago…

[ME]: Nice! Zombie Lincoln!

[CW}: (more moaning sounds)

[ME]: I’d totally vote for a zombie Republican. At least then there wouldn’t be any lying about what we were going to war for.

(zombie president voice)

Tonight we’ve launched a full out assult on Iran for THEIR DELICIOUS BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!

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