I have all of my furniture for my apartment now, more or less.  I finally got it all cleaned up too.  There is just one thing missing in it and that’s personality.  So I think I need some accessories to spice my place up.

What better way then for a movie geek to dress up a room than to have some impressive movie posters hanging on the walls?  You have to be careful though.  Instead of a place to call home, you can easily have a dorm room.  A classy piece of art could just be a dated waste of paper in a week.  

That’s where you guys come in.

I need some help making my selections.  I’ve already narrowed down my choices.  You should see the selection I’ve got saved on my computer.  I tried to cut out the really geeky sci-fi and horror stuff.  I want something that says who I am, but at the same time I want it to be accessable for everyone.  I also want something timeless, so you’ll notice most of these posters are classics.  The star system in Hollywood did a great job of showcasing their actors by also making great pieces of art.  After the break I’ll show you a bunch of posters.  What I need you all to do is tell me which ones you like best.  That’s it.

I love great headshots of starlets.  These are three of the biggest. 

How bout that black eye?GarboViva Redheads

I love posters like these with big bold images and colors, constrasted by the black and white.

Bette Davis was a starlet whose face just lent itself so easily to iconic images.

Love the redBlack and White BetteI like posters with big bold images and colors
On-screen couples make for great posters.  And one of the greatest (and my personal favorites) is Astaire and Rogers.

The next two posters are just incredibly striking images and I think stand on their own easily as pieces of art.  I mean, jeez, check out James Cagney’s face in that poster!

A great American poster translated into another language makes for I think a much classier poster.  I love the composition of both.  Check out the contrast of the freewheeling Bonnie and Clyde with the bullet holes punched into their picture.  And if you’d never seen On the Waterfront before, you’d probably think it was a horror movie from that I Know What You Did Last Summer At The Docks poster. 

A lovers embrace always makes for a great composition.

These posters I think just make a big impact when you look at them.

And finally these last two are a little busier than I usually like, but I love the colors and how they work together.

OK, so that’s it.  Help me make a decision!  Post what your favorites are in the comment section.  And please, if you know of a poster that’s just as good or better than what you see here, let me know!

Finally I’ll leave you with a poster that is just too crazy to not show you:

If you enjoyed looking at all of these posters and would like to see more like the crazy one above, let me know and maybe I’ll make a second post of just the insane ones I found.  Thanks!

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2 Responses to POSTERS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gilda, Marked Woman, and What Price Hollywood are all pretty cool. You should do another post, though. Too many similar choices here. Don’t care for the Chaplin or the Public Enemy posters. Too… I don’t know. They annoy me, for some reason. I like the Good, bad, ugly one but that’s kind of been done. –Josh

  2. Anonymous says:



    I would totally use: The Bitch, The Astounding SHE Monster, and the Bennett poster as a series all lined up together. Tells you something about me huh? As You Desire Me, Marked Woman, and of course Bonnie and Clyde get my other votes.

    invite me over when all is done and decorated

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