Great Moments In Ben History

Today Nick and I worked on redoing all of the displays in the store. This involved taking panels off of the wall, rewiring them, and then putting them back up. While doing wire management on my own I reached for a zip tie a little out of my reach, only to discover that the very high center of gravity of the panel was slowly tipping in the wrong direction.

I put all of my heft against the panel, but it was too late. It was on its way down. So I decided to slow its descent to minimize as much damage as possible.

So I stopped the panel with my head, that being the best material available at the time to do so.

Didn’t really save much, as I managed to tear another shelf off of the wall and break a cube. But I did have a giant heavy wooden panel fall on my head. So there’s that.

Thank you, folks. This has been another great moment in Ben History.

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