After getting my telephone hooked up last week with the internet and the cable I discovered something I’d almost forgotten about: The untold pleasures of multiple telemarketer calls. At first I couldn’t figure out who had been calling me all day, since I’m pretty sure only my parents actually know my new number. Then as the calls started pouring in it all made sense. After the second one in an hour I immediately remembered the best (and only) thing worth a damn the governement has done in the last couple years: The National Do Not Call List.

Of course it takes about a month for you to get on the list. Which means I’m going to have to live with people pestering me for the next month. Now I’m guessing most of you are on the list now, so you probably haven’t had the pleasure of these calls, but I swear that they’ve gotten more aggressive since the Do Not Call thing went into effect. These guys just don’t take no for an answer. I’ve had to just hang up on them. They make you feel guilty for not wanting to buy a newspaper you’ll never read. The bastards.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We had a new phone hooked up a few weeks ago too, and it’s been ringing off the hook ever since. So annoying.


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