The Knocks – Classic (feat. Powers) [Original and Powers Sunset Version]


Classic Classic 1

Quite possibly the song of the summer this year, The Knocks’ “Classic” overcame obvious and inevitable irony to become an instant classic. From the disco guitars to the funky dancefloor-ready beat to the fantastic soaring vocals brought to you by Powers, everything about this song is perfection. If you somehow made it through the entire summer without hearing this song at least once, A) What the hell is wrong with you? and B) Make sure you remedy that immediately by checking it out right here, right now:


Classic 2 Classic 3 Classic 4

I’m actually more partial to the original “Official Audio” version of the video. The Stepford Wives/Sims nature of the “Official Video” version kinda creeps me out. Sure, very quickly you begin to realize that the entire “Official Audio” version loops the same few video clips over and over again through its entirety, but I think the image selections combined with the quick editing better match the breezy, free-spirited summertime essence of the song.


Of course, as the goosebumps on your arms and the sudden layering of heavy clothes on your body probably made obvious long ago, it’s no longer summer anymore. Just recently The Knocks released a slower, more soulful “Sunset Version” of the song by Powers that’s quite possibly even better than the original version of the song, or at least better for the current weather we’re all facing outside right now. Fittingly this video features lots of footage from classic, or should be classic, movies. You can enjoy the “Sunset Version” below:


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