Hundred Waters – Xtalk / Murmurs / Cavity

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I can’t even begin to come up with enough kind words to say about Hundred Waters. Their stunningly gorgeous sound is like something out of a fairy tale, like slowly waking up from a pleasant dream while taking a nap on a warm summer’s afternoon. Nicole Miglis’ voice floats down on you like something born out of heaven and when she harmonizes with herself, well just wait for those short hairs on your arms to stand up on end.

I first discovered Hundred Waters through “Xtalk”, which almost instantly became the early leader for my favorite song of the year literally after only hearing a few bars of the song. While there’s sadly no official video for it yet, you can still take a listen here:

We do have a video for “Murmurs” though, an early contender for my second favorite song of the year. “Murmurs” starts off immediately with a killer hook of the words “I wish you” repeated over and over again in an almost hypnotic fashion before she finishes the sentence “I wish you would see what I see,” which is basically the same thing you’re thinking in your head when you first discover this band and feel the overwhelming need to tell all of your friends. The vocals have an almost a call-and-response quality to them, like the words are ripples in a pool bouncing off one end and repeating themselves over and over again at the other end. It’s really quite the stunner of a song.

Hundred Waters’ excellent new album The Moon Rang Like A Bell is out now. Pick it up!

And if you’re now hooked on Hundred Waters (which I know you are) and want a little extra taste, here’s their video for “Cavity”:


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