Classixx – A Stranger Love

Stranger Love Stranger Love2 Stranger love3 Stranger love4 Stranger love5You may remember Classixx’s gorgeous track “A Stranger Love” from last summer’s Runner’s Up Mixtape, but today we finally got a stunning black-and-white video to go with those amazing melodies. There’s a reason I had to have this song in that mixape the minute I heard it. Sarah Chernoff’s ethereal vocals seem to flutter across the wobbly beats with delicate efficacy, creating a “strange” love song that lives up beautifully to the song’s title. And after watching this again I’m not sure you could make a video that fit this amazing song any better. A boy and a girl run around Los Angeles unsupervised getting into all sorts of playful mischief until slowly something truly strange and amazing happens. I’m not exactly sure if it’s real or make believe or if it even really matters, but it’s a joy to watch no matter what’s the case. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying last year’s Hanging Gardens as much as I have because it is filled to the brim with amazing songs just like this one. It’s easily one of the best releases of 2013 and this video is just one more example to help prove why.

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