Annie – Russian Kiss (feat. Bjarne Melgaard)

Russian Kiss3 Russian Kiss5 While I’m definitely having a lot of fun watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi right now, none of us should forget that recently in Russia Vladimir Putin’s repressive regime has passed laws preventing homosexual couples from expressing their love in public, basically making it illegal to be gay, and not only that, but it’s also now against the law to even talk positively about homosexuality in public. In a huge step backwards for society many Russian leaders (including the mayor of Sochi) have denied homosexuality in Russian even exists. Many world leaders (including those in the United States) have decided to boycott the games in protest (or in our case, send an all-gay delegation to the Games), but maybe that isn’t enough.

To shine a light on this issue Norwegian singer (and blog favorite) Annie has teamed up with visual artist Bjarne Melgaard and producer Richard X to make a video for this techno raver protest anthem, “Russian Kiss”. Be prepared for lots of same-sex make-out sessions and fist-pumping, glowstick-waving, old-skool 90’s techno beats. Not only will listening to this song make you a better person, but it’s also pretty fun to dance to as well.

Part of the proceeds for this single on iTunes will go to, a gay rights advocacy non-profit.

Is it just me or does this…

Russian Kiss4

…remind you a lot of this?


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