Daft Punk – Instant Crush (feat. Julian Casablancas)

Instant Crush Instant Crush2

Leave it to a bunch of French robots to tell an emotional love story involving two mannequins who fall in love after seeing each other from across the room in a Natural History exhibit. It’s really a testament to how great this video is in that it makes you feel like these inanimate objects are alive and have feelings, despite the fact that their expressions never change.

“Instant Crush” is of course from Daft Punk’s album of the year, Random Access Memories, and it’s kinda the first real proper music video for the album. I think it works though. “Lose Yourself To Dance” and especially “Get Lucky” could get away with just showcasing their incredibly infectious dance-y vibes, but “Instant Crush” really benefits from the emotional weight that this video provides.

Instant Crush3

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