Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

Hard Out Here Hard Out Here3 Hard Out Here4 Hard Out Here5 Hard Out Here6

Lily Allen had decided to call it quits after two albums and leave the music industry to have two kids and start her family, but like pretty much everyone else who’s “retired” the music industry before their hitting their golden years Lily had to come back to make some more sweet, sweet music and man, has she been bottling up a whole lot of excess energy in her off time.

“Hard Out Here” is a rather broad criticism of the current state of popular music. The song takes cracks at all variety of targets, both general and specific, from the objectification of woman in pretty much every hip-hop video ever made to current lightning rods like Miley Cyrus’ twerking, Britney Spears’ use of the word “bitch” in “Work Bitch” and just about everything in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” videos. This video is satire of the highest order, from the middle-aged male record executive teaching her how to twerk, to the ridiculously over auto-tuned chorus, to the “Blurred Lines”-esque “Lily Allen Has A Baggy Pussy” balloons and the obscenely bizarre use of the Beats Pill speaker that can be found in both the “Work Bitch” and “Blurred Lines” videos. Lily’s making a pretty powerful statement by working within the system while simultaneously ripping it to pieces, and somehow she seems to be having a blast while doing it. Glad to have you back, Lily.

Hard Out Here2

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