Chlöe Howl – Paper Heart / I Wish I Could Tell You / No Strings / Rumour

Paper Heart

Befreckled British newcomer Chlöe Howl is one of those great up-and-coming 2013 artists that I’ve been meaning to post about for a while now, but until now I was unfortunately thwarted in one way or another by laziness. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve spent half my time on this post just looking for the other post on Chlöe Howl that I thought I wrote, but apparently never did. Luckily her excellent new breakup song, “Paper Heart”, had just enough gleeful pulsating synth work to wake me from my state of procrastination apathy. 

Wish I Could Wish I Could1

“Paper Heart” is a brand new song that hasn’t been officially released as a single yet, but she has already put out a three song EP entitled Rumour that’s pretty darn good too. Probably my favorite track off of that EP is “I Wish I Could Tell You”, a gentle, synth-heavy ballad filled with longing and regret, guaranteed to hit you right in your emotional sweet spot.

No Strings

“No Strings” got the unique distinction of being her debut single and it’s a fun, fresh song about the dangers of having only casual relationships. The end of the chorus says it all: “You can’t win at all / The trouble with no strings is you can only fall.”

[BTW, for those keeping track at home, this isn’t the “official” version of the video. Videos for “Rumour”, “No Strings” and “I Wish I Could Tell You” were all filmed and released at the same time when the Rumour EP was released on her website. An “official” video was released after “No Strings” was released as the debut single and if you’d like to see that version of the video you can check it out here. I decided to include the original video here because it’s the one I’m most familiar with and the one I should have posted way back when I originally discovered Chlöe Howl.]


Chlöe Howl was giving away her Rumour EP away for free on her website for a while, but if you go there now she’s just giving away two remixes of “Rumour” by Unicorn Kid and YACHT. I’m guessing you can still probably find the EP online pretty easily with a simple Google search, but if you’d like to get the complete picture of what you’d be looking for before you go out searching, here’s the song that started it all, “Rumour”.


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