Charli XCX – SuperLove


Even though Charli XCX just released her debut album ‘True Romance’ a little bit earlier this year she’s already working on the next album with “SuperLove” being one of those new songs that we can look forward to.  As you probably now know I’ve been a big fan of Charli XCX for a while now and to me it seems she can do no wrong.  Amazingly each new song she releases somehow seems to be better than the last. And if “SuperLove” the song wasn’t colorful enough with its handclaps and catchy sing-song chorus, the video, shot in Japan’s Harajuku district, only amps things up to 11 by having Charli sing with robots in one of Harajuku’s more colorful local watering holes (there are so many different colors and flashing lights going on in the background that it was really hard for me to get clear looking screen grab for this post).


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