Taylor Swift – a (robot) Love Story (FutureCop! & Ham$tar* Remix)


And we’re back!

All apologies for not putting together a new post sooner, but I didn’t realize how much of a backlog of new potential material that I’d coming back to after a week off.  Apparently a lot can happen in a week.  If you’d like a little insight into how much music I (attempt to) sort through every week for this blog, the morning after I arrived back in Seattle I scrolled through the last week of Facebook posts, pulling out any new music posts I could find and bookmarking them. The whole process took about five hours of my life (no joke) and I ended up with around 100 bookmarks to go through later.  Yeah, a hundred.  And I keep finding new stuff! With all of that, plus the new TV season starting, I expect it’s going to take me a long time before I’m fully back on track.

While I try to make sense of this mess I created for myself in an attempt to find some new favorite songs, I’ll leave you with this FutureCop! remix that I’ve probably listened to about a billion times on-and-off the last few days.  Although I can’t say Taylor Swift’s music is exactly my flavor, you’ve got to admit the girl can write some catchy songs.  And if you combine that talent with the amazing chopped and screwed remixing talents of FutureCop! and Ham$tar*, well, let’s just say that you’re in for a good time.

Make sure you download a free mp3 of the track from their SoundCloud page while it’s still available there for free!



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