FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify

FKA Twigs

It’s getting to the point where I’m just as excited to get a new notification email from FKA Twigs (formerly Twigs) as I am one from iamamiwhoami.  This video is a little bit on the weird side (Why does that guy keep putting his fingers in her mouth?) but it’s also a gorgeous showcase for black and white photography and .gif influenced editing.  And that song, oh that song. There’s something really mysterious and sensual, yet soulful about her style.  Every time you hear one of her songs you immediately want to hear ten more. Sadly, she’s released only 8 songs so far, 4 from her ‘EP’ and 4 more (including “Papi Pacify”) from ‘EP2’, out on the 17th.


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