Hawk House – Live-ation

Hawk House safe_image

I bookmark every single new music post I come across on the internet because frankly, I’m lazy and it would take take me forever to listen to ever single song I ever came across. Every once and a while I go back through these bookmarks and I stumble across a video where I have no idea how I first found it, but it doesn’t matter, because I end up really loving it no matter where I originally stumbled across it.  This is the case with UK trio Hawk House’s “Live-ation”, a downtempo, R&B infused hip-hop track that reminds me of Outkast and pretty much every good hip-hop artist from the late 90’s/early 2000’s who wasn’t mainstream enough to make me feel like they sold out to sell albums to suburban white teenagers.  It’s late night hip-hop at its best; smooth, chill and too cool for school.

Hawk House’s new mixtape ‘A Little More Elbow Room’ is out now.


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