FutureCop! – Coming Home feat. Neverstore (Anamanaguchi Remix)

MarioI’m feeling a tad bit nostalgic tonight and perhaps that’s why I had such a visceral reaction to this video for Anamanaguchi’s remix of FutureCop!’s “Coming Home”.  FutureCop! have always excelled at capturing the sound and feeling of 80’s music without actually sounding like anything that was produced in the 80’s, but when you compound that super-condensed 80’s essence with Anamanaguchi’s 8-bit influenced remixing skills and a bunch of footage from old Nintendo Entertainment System commercials from the 80’s, well, that just puts my brain into retro nostalgia overload.  Pretty much everything that it is that I loved about being a kid in the 80’s can be found in this video.

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