Ryan Barger – Dreams Are Real

Dreams Are RealI really wish I knew more about this video, but there’s next to nothing to be found about it on the internet.  Here’s what I do know: Ryan Barger is a filmmaker out of New York City. I have no idea if he makes music regularly or if he only wrote “Dreams Are Real” for the purpose of making this video, but I do know that this song kicks a whole bunch of synthy ass.  It basically has all my favorite things in it.  A huge, uplifting chorus; thick, meaty synth chords that sound like they were mixed through three other synthesizers to achieve maximum synthy-ness; and big, bright colorful lyrics about how wonderful your dreams are.  Dreaming is, like, one of my very favorite things, you guys!  It’s like this video was perfectly engineered to put a smile on your face.

Oh and I did I mention that this video has lots and lots of footage of cats doing cute things? What’s frickin’ not to love about this?


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