Minks – Margot / Playboys Of The Western World

Minks Bike

So I’m going through some new videos on my computer, trying to distract myself from the unbearably stifling heat in my apartment by finding some new material for the blog, when I stumble across this rather unassuming music video for Minks’ “Margot”.  The visuals didn’t really grab me at first so I jumped to another tab in my browser, but I kept the song playing in the background as I looked at other things.  And wow, it didn’t take long before I stopped what I was doing and went back to this video.

August is the perfect time for breezy New Wave pop songs like this.  This is the kind of song you crank on your stereo as you drive around aimlessly with all your windows all the way down.  It feels optimistic yet nostalgic; energetic and yet lazy and lackadaisical.  It reminds me a lot of all the Swedish pop music I love, which also reminds me, I’d really love to visit Sweden in the summertime sometime.


After I had watched the “Margot” video a few more times I looked up and noticed that the tab right next to the one I was on also started with “Minks…” and I thought I had mistakenly opened up the same video twice. Upon clicking on that tab I received the most wonderful gift though, in that right next door was a fan video for another Minks song, “Playboys Of The Western World”, crafted by none other but my favorite music video editor, David Dean Burkhart.  By pure coincidence this video happened to end up right next to the other one in my cluttered browser, and it surely was one of the most pleasant accidents that I’ve had in a long while.  Songs like these just fill me with happiness and pleasant feelings.  In a matter of minutes Minks had gone from a band I’d never heard of before to something I was massively excited about.

Minks’ new album ‘Tides End’ is out now.

Minks Tides End cover

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