Is Tropical – Lover’s Cave / Dancing Anymore


Apparently the hip new thing to do right now is to make a music video that features your fully-clothed band playing around a bunch of naked women and then getting said video banned on YouTube.  First Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake did it, now Is Tropical thought that they’d take a run at it.  “Lover’s Cave” actually reminds me a lot of college, with all the white cinder-block walls and grody couches, the late 90’s alternative sound of the song, and the rampant casual sexuality on display.  God I miss college.  It goes without saying that this is NSFW so be careful where you watch it.

If you thought that the above video was too NSFW then you probably really shouldn’t check out this video for “Dancing Anymore”, Is Tropical’s other single off of their new album, ‘I’m Leaving’.  In it a French boy hired to clean a pool takes advantage of an empty house to masturbate excessively while imagining himself having sex with various computer generated women.  It starts off a little disgusting but quickly things become more and more exaggerated until the whole affair actually becomes quite funny.

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