Dead Girlfriends – On Fraternity

James Brooks of Elite Gymnastics fame has been making some questionable decisions lately.  Firstly, he’s decided to ditch his awesome Elite Gymnastics persona for this new name, Dead Girlfriends, which sounds a lot like an emo/metal group’s name. Not coincidentally, if you search for “Dead Girlfriends” on Facebook you’ll find a Facebook band page for an emo/metal group who is none too happy that James Brooks decided to change his name to theirs.

As Dead Girlfriends he’s released a new EP entitled ‘Stop Pretending‘, which brings me to his second questionable decision, the price.  He’s charging $8 for a 14 minute long, 4 track EP.  Sure he can charge whatever he likes for it, that’s his prerogative, but considering he gave away everything he did as Elite Gymnastics away for free (or pay what you want) eight bucks for this seems a little steep.

Dead Girlfriends

It’s not all bad news, though.  The cover artwork for the EP that you see above was created by Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, and it looks pretty sweet.  And despite the name change the songs on this EP sound like classic Elite Gymnastics tracks, if a little bit gloomier.  I’m going through my seventh listen of the EP right now.  You can hear “On Fraternity” below. It’s a lyric video that actually reminds me a lot of when I saw him live last year.  Yeah, sadly it didn’t get more exciting than this.  Still, awesome song.

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