Summer Camp – Fresh

I normally avoid clicking on lyric videos like the plague, but when I got an email in my inbox from Summer Camp saying they had a new song out from their upcoming new album I couldn’t help but want to hear it, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun this lyric video was to watch. “Fresh” is more like a found footage fan vid with the lyrics plastered on top, and the footage is appropriately obscure, varied and fun to watch. I wish there was more footage of those Scottish dancers at the end. Any time you hear this song you should try to dance around like those pimps. The song itself has quickly become one of my favorites from Summer Camp, with a soaring string sample reminiscent of the best parts of Bent’s catalog and a plucky funk guitar melody that repeats itself throughout the song. “Fresh” is a really impressive, exciting song that’s gotten me quite pumped up to hear what the rest of their new self-titled album is going to sound like in September.

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