TV Girl – Lonely Women EP

Lonely Girl

Tuesday I received a pleasant surprise in my email from blog favorite, TV Girl. They gave me a link to download for free their new EP ‘Lonely Women‘ for having donated to their Vanstravaganza (We Need a Van to Tour) Kickstarter. This is after having sent me a postcard (which you can see below) and a download of their exclusive and awesome ‘Blurry Girls (Demos, Unreleased Songs, and Other Ephemera)’ 13 track album. When I donated there was no mention of this EP, but they’re so awesome they decided to give it away for free to all their benefactors anyways. If these guys weren’t already one of my favorite bands they would be now, and they haven’t even used that van I helped pay for to come to Seattle yet!

This five track EP is filled with fantastic songs with relentlessly catchy melodies and clever lyrics about girls who probably don’t have it all together, probably aren’t even that good for the guy, but hey, he loves them anyways. “Laura” is about a girl with her head in the clouds that the narrator can’t help writing songs about, while “Melanie” is about that annoyingly popular girl who’s always at everything, who everyone knows but no one really likes. But he can’t help talking to her anyways because she’s just so easy to talk to. All these songs have this common theme running through them, like “My Girlfriend” which is about a girl who’s really depressed and lies around on the couch all day. She’s not that fun to be around now and TV Girl reminisce on the good ol’ days when the relationship was brand new and happy, but oddly he’s not mad that’s she’s changed. One of the lyrics goes: “But I’m not mad/ And sometimes we still laugh./ And when she’s just getting up and the sun hits her right she doesn’t even look half bad.” The whole album is filled with this relentlessly optimistic melancholy and it’s a joy to listen to. Do yourself a favor and pick up this amazing EP, and if you don’t already have all of their other stuff, pick that up too. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

TV Girl Postcard

On the back of the postcard was this personal message:

“Sup Ben. Brad from TV Girl here. We picked up these creepy postcards on our way from Knoxville to Athens at this crazy outdoor church called “Field in the Woods” with the world’s biggest Ten Commandments! Thanks for donating and stay safe.”

Talk about great fan service.

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