The Lonely Island – Go Kindergarten (feat. Robyn)

I had high hopes for The Lonely Island’s recently released ‘The Wack Album’ and unfortunately it doesn’t really stand up with their first two albums. It’s still pretty good, but you can tell they’re running low on great ideas and falling back quite a bit on dick jokes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Now that they’ve left SNL they no longer have SNL’s digital shorts to fall back on, so to promote the album they’ve been releasing a new video for the album every Wednesday, but to mixed results. In fact there hadn’t really been a real knock out of the park video until “Go Kindergarten” was released this week. Finally, a video to stand up with their great videos from the past! The video is packed with great cameos, including Paul Rudd and Sean Combs as best friends (who knew?) who have no choice but to do whatever the band says and a uncredited Sarah Chalke as the lady who doesn’t know how to whip her dick around (don’t worry, she figures it out). And it goes without saying that I love me some Robyn, which makes her guest vocals on this hilarious track the cherry on top of this sundae.

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