Jaaska – The Elsa

Jaaska is yet another amazing artist that I’ve only just discovered because of David Dean Burkhart’s fantastic videos. His sound is similar to Blood Diamonds and Elite Gymnastics and, like them, his music is influenced by, among other things, Super Nintendo soundtracks from the early 90’s (listen for the Kafka laugh in “The Elsa”). Check out his Soundcloud page to download some of his stellar tracks for free.

This Burkhart video features footage of what looks like a strip club in Hong Kong (?) from a Mondo movie, that weird exploitation genre from the 70’s that promised non-stop footage of controversial sex and violence that actually seems pretty blasé today in the age of YouTube. There’s actually not as much nudity in this video as you’d think, but it’s still in there, so it goes without saying that this one is NSFW.

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