C’est Non Un Blog’s Top 20 Music Videos of 2012 (Part 1)

For the second year in a row I’ve decided to sit down and share with you my favorite music videos of the last 365 days. 2012 turned out to be an amazingly fantastic year for new music, as evidence by the fact that the initial list I came up with for this project had well over 50 songs on it. Ideally I’d want this to be a Top Ten list, but I when I started whittling it down I just couldn’t narrow it down that far, so you’re going to get a Top 20 list instead. Twice as much work for me, but twice as much great music for y’all to enjoy. So since we’ve got a lot to get to, I’ll stop wasting time and get right to it.

20. Disclosure – Latch (feat. Sam Smith)

“Latch” is by far the sexiest song of the year. Nothing else came even remotely close to being as sexy as the chorus of this song. This baby-making music, pure and simple. If you’re trying to find a true test to see if the person you like is even remotely into you, throw this song on; because if you’re not making out by the end of the song, let’s face it, it’s never going to happen. The video isn’t anything truly extraordinary, but it does do an extremely effective job of conveying the general idea of the song, which is that if you put two people who are attracted to each other next to each other while this song is playing, they will be locking lips by the time the chorus hits. This song is all about the moment you discover that you’re really attracted to someone and the magic that happens with that realization. Every time I hear the song, it gives me goosebumps.

19. Nite Jewel – One Second Of Love

Nite Jewel’s “One Second Of Love” is one of those songs that’s grown on me and grown on me, so much so that I begin to wonder if the black magic being performed in the video might be having a little effect on me too. I just love this video. It could be a excerpt from some obscure English or Italian horror film from the 70’s, and in a year that saw so many great fan videos made from old films it’s saying a lot that they could recreate that same feeling today for this video. From the vintage lighting to the girl group choreography, this is a fantastically well put together video.

18. M.I.A. – Bad Girls

When this song first showed up on M.I.A.’s VickiLeekx mixtape it was immediately apparent that “Bad Girls” was one of her best songs yet, but it wasn’t until we saw this video that we all truly understood how badass this song really is. You can’t watch this video an not feel like a rock star. Shot in Morocco and featuring locals doing some crazy driving stunts, the video totally delivers on the exotic Arabian swagger that the song promises.

17. Twigs – Hide

I still know next to nothing about Twigs, but what I do know is that this video for “Hide” remains one of my all-time favorite surprise discoveries. The video is simple. There’s almost nothing to it. But its impact is so immediately clear that it can’t help but make a deep impression on you. Yes, the video is minimalist, but if they added anything else to it, it wouldn’t be as good. From the deep red background to the provocative flower placed over her genitals, this video screams sex. I’ve already talked about how sexy Disclosure’s “Latch” is, but this is a different kind of sexy. This is pure lust. Scratch what I said before, “Latch” isn’t the sexiest song of the year, “Hide” is. If “Latch” is the song you play to make your move on someone, “Hide” is the song you play later after you’ve torn each other’s clothes off and fallen into bed.

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